ROXY Stylist Inventory Management

How to checkout main RETAIL ITEMS
(this function is used when you need to take an item off the shelf and use it on your client)



1. Scan product barcode

2. Click on product name, should show on the right hand column with price showing

3. Scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up and click "Comp Items"

4. Choose "Product Backbar" option

5. Click on the blue "0.00" that should now be showing instead of the $ amount

6. Click on the cash 0.00 option, cash drawer should open and the "sale"/ "checkout" process is complete

7. Continue use of product


How to checkout all OTHER ITEMS

(this is for items that are not sold as retail and do not have a $ amount attached to them when you add them to the checkout column)

1. Scan barcode or search the product name in the search field

2. Add all items used (either you used it up i.e. shampoo, developer, etc OR you used it for the first time and it is in circulation i.e. color tube, styling product, conditioner vial, etc.)

3. Press the Blue button on the bottom of the checkout column on the right hand side

4. Press the cash 0.00 button

5. Continue use of product.