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A simple beauty routine

When it comes to beauty, we all desire to look and feel our best. A well-rounded beauty routine plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. Focusing on both haircare and skincare not only enhances our appearance but also demonstrates a long-term commitment to self-care and overall well-being.

In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of an effective beauty routine and outline simple steps to ensure …

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Paste, Pomade, Clay...What's the difference?

The world of hair styling products can be a confusing one and sometimes very frustrating - especially when the products don't make our hair look they way we want it. Trust me - I've been in your shoes before! Whether you are brand new to styling your hair (and have never touched a hair product before), or whether you are a seasoned veteran who has tried a lot, there is always …

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Find the best blowdryer!

Check out the latest in the top blow dry equipment for 2024!

Best Blowdryers for the new you!

Experience Professional All Over Hair Color at Our Hair Salon

Vibrant All Over Hair Color:

If you're considering a bold change, our hair salon in Bloomington, IL is the perfect place to achieve an exceptional all over hair color. Our experienced colorists stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and color palettes to offer you an extensive range of options.

From vibrant reds to icy blondes, our colorists will help you find the perfect shade that suits your personality and …

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Achieve Stunning Hair Transformations with Balayage and Ombre Highlights

Stunning Balayage and Ombre Highlights:

Want to add dimension and depth to your hair? Our hair salon in Bloomington, IL offers expert balayage and ombre highlights that will turn heads everywhere you go. Our talented colorists understand the intricacies of these techniques, ensuring seamless color transitions and natural-looking results.

With our highly skilled team and top-quality products, we guarantee that your balayage or ombre highlights will perfectly suit your skin …

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Find the Best Hair Salon in Bloomington, IL for Perfect Haircuts and Highlights

Are you tired of searching for the perfect hair salon in Bloomington, IL that can provide you with the latest hair trends and outstanding haircuts? Look no further! Our hair salon in Bloomington, IL is committed to delivering top-notch services, specializing in balayage highlights, ombre highlights, all over hair color, and much more.


Exceptional Haircuts in Bloomington, IL:

If you reside in Bloomington or the surrounding areas, you deserve …

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Quarantine Hair

Hair maintenance falls pretty low on the list of “Things To Worry About During A Pandemic,” sitting somewhere under “mortality” and “the meaning of life". But in the face of the coronavirus and the restless quarantine it requires — hours, days, weeks of isolation stretching ahead toward an ever changing horizon — doesn’t it feel better to focus on your hair? Anybody else rockin' a messy bun for days?!

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LifeStyling Products

Milk_shake Lifestyling products

The Lifestyling line is designed to work with any style you’re trying to create, with the goal of defining, holding and transforming hair in just a few steps. The styling product range was created to help both the hairstylist's and client's needs.

Strong Eco Hairspray: Featuring extra-strong hold, this spray is designed to give hair shine and a strong hold. It also is made …

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NEW* Milkshake Moisture Plus

MILK_SHAKE® unveils the new moisture plus range with organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight. A product line that gives the sensation of healthy hair with brand new formulas and a delicious tropical fragrance.


Deeply hydrated, full of life,  more resistant and lustrous. milk_shake moisture plus has two results on the hair:




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Beat winter hair blues



Winter can be brutal to your hair. For one, the cold weather takes a toll on your hair and scalp, making it lose a ton of moisture and leaving it dry and dull. Not to mention, the low humidity weakens your locks and makes it susceptible to breakage and hair fall. And because scarves and hats become part of your …

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